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We monitor, identify, classify, trace, track, predict, and anticipate any illicit activity, suspicious user behavior,  fraud, and anomaly as it happens and as it develops on any financial services and blockchain.


Our Intelligent System will provide focused investigation tools and a framework for real time early warning, alert/notification, actionable and insightful intelligence with “what if scenarios” capabilities.

We provide the cutting edge evolutionary Artificial Intelligence to  Bloackchain Community, Financial & Insurance Institutions, Commerce & Retail, Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies. 

Blockchain & Financial Services 

Anti-Money Laundering- KYC

Suspicious Transactions

Blockchain & Finance

Tracking Illicit Activities – Blockchain & Financial Services

Anomaly – Suspicious Behavior :  AML-TFC

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)–

Identifies and Analyzes Suspicious Transactions

•Trace, Track & Monitoring Transactions

•Discover Suspicions Pattern & Schema

•Early Warning & Insightful Alert

•Prevent Illegal Transactions & Illicit Activities

•Intelligent  KYC & Anticipate Bad Actors

•Insightful Reasoning & Actionable Decisions

•Focused Investigation

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