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Deep Decision

(R)Evolutionary Trees

Genetic DNA-Based Evolutionary

Explainable Artificial Intelligence


The Future of AI…Today!

Explore the most powerful Deep Decision Evolutionary Trees  

built on top of the cutting edge decentalized  Evolutionary Machines with unlimited capacity and  incredible performance 

AiX Partners & Third Party Joint Devices & Services
Touchless Devices for Modern Cities, Better Health & Enhanced Security 

AilluminateX, LLC. (Delaware Corp)  is an AI-Cognitive-based company that provides solutions and consultancy services for enterprise applications. AignosticX™ is AilluminateX’s state-of-art agnostic-cloud-based platform that has cognitive abilities that provides actionable insight and can predict and anticipate the future.


AignosticX™  uniquely combines techniques from Evolutionary/Genetics AI, Deep Learning, and Deep Decision Trees (including Fuzzy Logic/Soft Computing Techniques) to learn and find the best solution both from the ground up (data) and from the top down (business rules).  This is done in a massively parallel and automated fashion.


AilluminateX LLC Startup program: AilluminateX to license AignosticX-AI technologies to the startup companies.

AilluminateX to license its Intellectual Property - AignosticX-AI technologies to keep them relevant.



Cognitive Capability

                  Actionable Insight  

                             Anticipate the Future


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