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The 12-inch single “Tres Dolores,” featuring Gal Costa, was released in 1969 by the Italian label Discoton and distributed by Esposito. After the death of Antonio Molina in 1967, his son went to the Esposito label to make a release of the songs Antonio Molina was using in the broadcasts in Italy. “Tres Dolores” was the song of the first album Esposito released in Italy in 1969, in a double-LP volume (Esposit Ita) and in single disc (Esposit Sint). The two-discs version would be the first on which the song appeared as “Tres Dolores.” The song would be immediately released as a single in the U.S. by Kapp Records and in Spain by Fernando Arbos. Back in 1969, the Spanish label Discoton would release the song in Spain as “Tres Dolores” on the 2-LP album Antonio Molina. Tags Uploaded by Esposito USA, this video uploaded to YouTube by Esposito. . Songs Dancing Lyrics Dance How come you don't stay Away from here What are you thinking Of all these people This world is such a funny world Where there's so many people I could laugh for half the morning While you're dancing in your sleep When your lonesome mother Will be crying tonight And your father, he has no heart And you, you're seventeen years old And you're loving it all, You're loving it all I don't want to talk about it It's just too much pain, too much sorrow Think about the clock We're going to be late, we're going to be late It's such a funny world And there's too many people Too many people We dance until the night And I don't want to talk about it It's just too much sorrow, too much sorrow Now



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Discografia Completa - Antonio Molina.rar kaysop

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